Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WWI Trenches

Headed into a trench with purple octopus.

Freddy, the wiener dog, loves digging WWI-looking trenches. They’re long and winding - the width of a Mini Dachshund so only Freddy can walk in them.  They’re deep, though.  When Freddy goes down into a trench, you can’t see him anymore.  These are very handy for hiding stuffed animals, hunting for lizards, putting in a sprinkler line or planting a tree. However, the trenches are very bad around the pool, the side of the house, underneath the water pump for the pool, etc. – basically anywhere something will collapse.  Freddy is obsessed with digging his WWI trenches, especially in the summertime.  We have a two Bald Cypress trees at the back of the yard.  Freddy likes to dig trenches around the roots too.  Freddy is a powerful digger.  His hind legs brace him so he doesn’t move forward in his dirt tug-of-war.  He stretches out the length of his body and then uses the powerful muscles in his chest as he scoops dirt with his front paws and then flings it behind him.  Dirt travels 5-6 feet.  Freddy is also a fast digger.  He can use his front paws to quickly move smaller amounts of dirt.  Of course, all of this makes a very dirty doggie.  He hates getting into the shower.  Probably like all boys, he doesn’t like clean water.  It’s a waste of good dirt.  

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