Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Visit, Part 1 - Old Man Spotty

When Auntie Julie went on a trip, Old Man Spotty (her very old, deaf and blind Pomeranian/Sheltie) came to a visit for a week.  Freddy, the wiener dog, was very jealous and wanted ALL the attention.  After all, Freddy is The Baby.  When he first arrived, Old Man Spotty stopped to sniff a woobie!  Please don’t pick it up, PLEASE!!  Remember the duck?  I thought Freddy warmed up to Old Man Spotty.  After a couple of days, Freddy was the old doggie’s seeing-eyed dog.  Freddy would let Old Man Spotty follow him around in the backyard, and Freddy would let us know when Old Man Spotty was standing at a screen door ready to come back inside.  One day I saw Freddy lying across a doorway.  When Old Man Spotty came along, he tripped over Freddy!  I didn’t realize that Freddy did it on purpose until I saw him continue lying in doorways that day.  This would stop Old Man Spotty from coming into a room.  The old doggie would stop, sniff Freddy, and turned around and walk away.  I had to reprimand Freddy a couple of times before he stopped blocking doorways.  Freddy gave me a sheepish look – He didn’t like getting caught.

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