Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sleeping with Freddy

Freddy gets a few minutes to himself.
Everybody gets to sleep with Freddy, the wiener dog, at night. How is this possible? Well, Freddy starts off climbing into Mommy and Daddy’s big bed – with his special doggie stairs. When Eric and Mark go to bed, they come and get Freddy. [Before we pick up Freddy we always say “pick up!” so he knows he’s about to be lifted into the air. Freddy even turns slightly to help with pick up.] Eric puts Freddy in his bed, but once he’s asleep Freddy gets into Mark’s bed because he’s a still sleeper. Eric tosses and turns too much and Freddy’s afraid of getting squished. Then, when Steven goes to bed, he comes and gets Freddy too. This has happened every night for years. Why? Freddy keeps the monsters away at night. 

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